Thursday, September 21, 2006

OSHA Posters - Federal vs State Programs

You are probably aware that approximately half of the states in the USA have opted to develop their own state OSHA program. That means that employers in one of these states will not be inspected by Federal OSHA compliance officers, but instead will be visited by compliance officers from their state OSHA.

What you may not be aware of is that many employers in these "state plan" states often receive a citation because they have the federal OSHA workplace poster displayed in their workplace, and not the poster from the state OSHA program! Has this ever happened to you? That's right, you have to have your state OSHA's posting (in those states where applicable).

If you are not sure which OSHA poster you need (federal or state OSHA) in your workplace, you can visit our website and download a free copy of the federal and/or state OSHA posters. Or you can contact the state OSHA program and request a copy to be mailed to you. Just remember that the poster must be displayed somewhere (like an employee bulletin board) that the employees have access to it during the workday. And if any workers report to a different site than at your main office for work (like at a construction site), then a copy of the appropriate OSHA posting must be displayed there as well.

I will address the different State OSHA programs and how some of them have standards that are significantly different than federal OSHA's standards in a future posting.

Curtis Chambers, CSP
OSHA Pro's, Inc.